Svartzonker Stinger Tackle

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What our customers are saying:

"Excellent stingers. Have used them on Westin Shad teez and lots of Eastman Curlys.

Excellent hookup rate" - Colin Rickard on Jan 08, 2018

The Svartzonker Stinger Tackle is made from 1.1mm stainless steel wire and two super sharp VMC 8650 hooks. 

Small: 6cm - 1/0 Hook Ideal rig for Mcrubber Big Bass 12.5cm

Medium: 8.5cm - 2/0 Hook - Ideal rig for Mcrubber 17cm and Westin Shad teez 16cm

Large: 10cm - 3/0 Hook - Idea for Mcrubber 21cm, Mcrubber Big Grub and Eastfield Wingman

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