Eastfield Lures Wingman Curly Tail 23cm




Eastfield Lures Wingman Curly Tail 23cm, 77g - Qty 1 

Take a look at some of the brand new Sparkle & UV colours in one of the old favourites, the Eastfield Lures Wingman 23cm! Wingman has caught a lot of pike over the years and more recently has been discovered by some of the musky fisherman across the Atlantic, including some real trophy fish and will continue to do so now with the brand new colours. Try the lure with a Screwin Head and an Eastfield Stinger in medium size. 

Eastfield Lures Wingman Curly is handmade in Sweden and superb finish which fools even the smartest pike.

This is a must have lure for every pike angler!

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