Svartzonker McRubber - 21cm

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Svartzonker McRubber 21cm, 95g - Qty 2 

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"The svartzonker mcrubber is an all time favourite of mine. I have this Lure in several colours and it often produces fish when nothing else does.
I normally with this with the stinger tackle and fish them close to the bottom! Come spring these are great lures to fish across the surface with the shallow screws. The Pike just love them. Also managed to catch a small zander out of the Thames on one." - Mike on Jan 13, 2018

The Svartzonker McRubber is one of the best pike baits available on the market. These lures have featured heavily in the Kanalgratis video series and caught thousands of big pike throughout Europe.

The McRubber can be fished very slowly using Shallow screws paired with a Large Stinger Rig or screw in heads, add a bit of colour with the Fluoro Orange Screw in Heads in stock now. Alternatively, rig on a traditional jig head and fish at various depths depending on the weight. If it's bling you want, why not add a Spinner Rig 

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