Take a minute to think back to 2014, happier times in some ways right? BUT, not in the UK lure fishing world, as it was VERY hard back then to find any decent quality lure fishing gear at good prices locally! Shipping from abroad was expensive and we were in the dark a bit as to what was really going on outside the UK, as social media was not as evolved and YouTube was not commonplace as a fishing resource!

As I've lure fished since I was a little kid, I struggled with this and knew it needed to change, I could see the UK market was ready to embrace that change. The idea was to import in some good quality niche products from Europe, USA and Asia making them readily available right here on UK shores. But, we didn't just want a piece of the pie, we wanted to make our own pie!

Since 2015, when The Lure Box opened to the public, we have been doing just that, as we continue to lead the evolution in UK lure fishing. Much has changed since 2014, no more so than the UK fishing scene and the world of ecommerce and I'm grateful to be a part of this evolution. The Lure Box has established itself as one of the leading, specialist suppliers of fine quality lure fishing equipment from around the world to around the world. Some may go as far as to say we are THE #1.

With the massive support from our valued customers, our shipping partners, a highly efficient online shop and a great team of top UK anglers, we've built a reputation for top quality customer service at affordable prices. More recently having opened our doors to the physical shop in Woking, we have enjoyed welcoming customers in by appointment only and have become known as the local, friendly and approachable lure shop offering sound advice, and a one on one customer service like no other.

It has been a real privilege making lure fishing more accessible to so many anglers of all ages and walks of life and the team and me sharing all our own experience, which between the 8 of us is over 120 years cumulatively. There have been ups and downs on our journey, but the general trend has been very much up as we continue to grow and improve our awesome product range and services.

So how did it all start? Picture this, end of January, 2015 my mate and I are perch fishing on a local reservoir, as the gently falling snow flakes settle on the gunwales of our hire boat and the random ice plates forming on the surface as the whether goes from really cold to... even colder! We are blanking really well and freezing in the process, with our will fading much faster than the snow flakes fall then my buddy says; "I'm thinking of starting my own lure shop." I perk up instantly and reply "Cool, me too...".

Fast forward a couple months to April 2015, The Lure Box is born. There has been some adversity along the way, including a partnership break up, a global pandemic and Brexit, in which The Lure Box has not only survived, but thrived and we plan to do so for many years to come!