Svartzonker Screw In Head Fluorescent Orange

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Svartzonker Screw In Head Fluorescent Orange - Qty 2 - 3

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"Strong, durable and come in various weights, what more could you ask for" - Drew on Sep 23, 2020

The Svartzonker screw-in-head is the perfect compliment to any of the Mcrubber Lures or similar soft plastic lure. These bright orange heads come in a number of weights to add versatility in depth to your lure fishing that add that bit of colour which could prove to be just the thing the fish want on the day. The fact that the weight is screwed into the centre part of the nose, is a big reason the McRubber is able to roll so freely in the water. The screw-in-head makes it easy to quickly adapt the weight for any fishing situation. The screw and eyelets are made of durable stainless steel wire and through-wire construction to securely handle any size fish. To get the perfect set-up use Svartzonker's stinger tackle. To tune the balance, add additional depth and make heavier belly rolls use the Screw-In Dots Simply attach your Stinger Tackle to the bottom eyelet for great hook up results. 

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