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Welcome to The Lure Box, where the focus is on helping anglers catch more fish regularly! Yes, we're here to sell you lures... BUT, we aim to assist our fellow fishermen in maximising their catches using the new, exciting techniques, lures, rods and generally top class gear offered at The Lure Box. 

With a number of years experience of lure fishing for all predatory species fish, including, pike, perch, zander, chub and trout that we regularly catch in our local rivers, reservoirs, lakes and streams, as well as bass, pollack, wrasse and any other species willing to attack the quality lures we are throwing! With a strong emphasis on fish welfare and environmental consciousness, we endeavor to help create awareness and improve practices that will have a positive effect on our planet and the sport we all love.

With the recent emergence of techniques such as Neko fishing & Dropshot fishing, as well as some older techniques, from the Texas & Carolina rig, Vertical Jig & finesse fishing to the more traditional art of spinning, let us provide you with all the fishing tackle and information you need to succeed.