Reins Tungsten Slip Sinker - Texas & Carolina Bullet Weight

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Reins Tungsten Slip Sinker - Texas & Carolina Bullet Weight

The Reins Tungsten Slip Sinker are Bullet Weights made of Tungsten with plastic inner guide (Polymer Insert). Due to the higher density of the material, the Tungsten weights are about 50% smaller than comparable lead bullet weights and thus enable a more discreet bait presentation. In addition, the hard material transfers very well to the soil condition of the water, so that one can feel very well on appropriate equipment, whether one leads the rig straight over sandy soil, gravel, stones, wood or over soft ground. The Reins Tungsten Slip Sinkers are shaped in such a way that they produce as few hang ups as possible. If you like to fish with Texas or Carolina Rig, you should definitely try Tungsten Bullets. If you have ever felt the difference, you will not fish anything else!

Secure your weight in place with a the sleek Texas Lock stoppers from Decoy

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