Decoy Texas Weight Lock "Float/Bopper Stopper"




Decoy Texas Weight Lock "Float/Bopper Stopper" - Qty 20

A delicate little weight stopper, the Decoy Texas Lock is perfect for Texas & Carolina Rigging your bullet weight into the desired position. Also "Bullet Shaped", placed in front of the weight, the rubber stopper will continue the taper of the weight to help the streamlined rig cruise more easily through snags and debris. The stopper can also be put on with the taper facing the bullet weight and the tip wedged into the front and/or back hole of the bullet weight to firmly hold in position and expose less of the rubber. (Best with Tungsten, some bullet weight holes may be too small)

Also known as a Float Stop or Bopper Stopper, these can obviously also be used in float fishing to create a running float or hold the float in position with one either side. 

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