Keitech Flex Chunk 4"

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Keitech Flex Chunk 4" Large, 10cm (4 inches) 13.5g - Qty 5T

he brand new trailer bait from Keitech, the Flex Chunk is a great option for all sorts of trailer applications from swim jigs such as the Keitech Model 1 tungsten jig, the Missile Baits Head Banger. Also a great trailer for the Westin Monstervibe Spinner bait, Chatterbaits and similar lures. Whilst this lure is designed as a trailer, try it on a standard jig head, or drop shot for some great results. 

With its large segmented pincers, the Flex Chunk imitates a crab or a crawfish and has an incredible freedom of movement due to the segmented design, similar to the popular Custom Leech with the slightest movement of the rod tip imparting a tantalising, natural motion that triggers the feeding instincts in all predatory species, particularly perch and pike! Salt and scent impregnated like all the famous Keitech models before, this lure is bound to be a big hit amongst predator anglers worldwide.

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