Missile Baits Ike's Head Banger Jig

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Missile Baits Ike's Head Banger Jig 

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"Seriously good lure when coupled with a decent bait - I tend to pair mine with the missile baits d bomb and they are deadly." - John B on Feb 02, 2021

Get ready to fire your current football jig and make room for the Missile Jigs Ike’s Head Banger Jig. The product of collaboration between Mike Iaconelli and Missile Jigs, the Missile Jigs Ike’s Head Banger Jig delivers structure-smashing performance that sets it apart from all other jigs. 

Designed with a unique, triangular-shaped head, the Missile Jigs Ike’s Head Banger Jig hammers rocks snaggy terrain with unrivaled efficiency. Fitted with a precisely shaped weedguard, the the Head Banger Jig is able to slide over cover while keeping trailers securely positioned with a cone-shaped bait keeper. Armed with a custom 5/0 VMC hook, the Headbanger Jig combines Missile Jig’s penchant for quality with Ike’s vast jig fishing expertise to give anglers the ultimate jig.




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