Best Pike Lures For 2024 - The Ultimate Guide

If you have ever been lucky enough to experience a big pike smashing a lure, then you will already know that you have experienced one of the highlights of UK predator fishing!

It is no surprise that the popularity of lure fishing has exploded in recent years. With new predator fishing tackle popping up all the time, it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not.

In this article, we will be giving you an insight into our favourite pike lures for 2024 stocked at The Lure Box and what has made them so successful in targeting these incredible ambush predators!

Top 10 Best Pike Lures For 2024

westin shadteez 16cm gold rush

1. Westin ShadTeez 

With its legendary rolling belly action, the Westin ShadTeez has become a modern day classic for targeting pike. Big predators are left spellbound thanks to the deep body profile and oversized paddle tail that kick into action even at low speed retrievals. Puts other soft plastic lures in the shadows.

We highly recommend the 16cm version & 19cm version for targeting larger pike. 

2. CWC Miuras Mouse 

The CWC Miuras Mouse has generated cult like status in recent years thanks to several high profile catches ranging from 30lb all the way up to 45lb!

Designed by an Italian lure builder named Maurizio Carini, the Miuras Mouse features a large profile flat "nose" in the front covered in bucktail which pushes a lot of water, and twin tails that enable this unique lure to move a lot of water even at very slow speed.

We recommend the 23cm 95g Mouse as the go-to choice. 

3. Strike Pro Guppie

The Strike Pro TrueGlide Guppie has been the gold standard for handmade wooden glide baits since 2002, but really came to fame as the winning lure in Fly vs Jerk 2020. The Guppie accounts for several big tournament wins and many huge fish (just check our recent Instagram post)! 

They also come in a range of stunning hand-painted colours too. The 13cm Strike Pro Guppie is our go-to choice for big pike in winter.  

westin bullteez gold rush

4. Westin BullTeez Paddle Tail

If you are after big fish, look no further than the Westin BullTeez Paddle Tail. The large shad tail combined with the slender body create a highly seductive wriggling and belly-flashing action that is proven to entice big predators. Also comes in a wide selection of beautiful hand-painted colours and can be rigged with an offset hook for weedless fishing.  

Another great lure recently featured on our Instagram feed. We recommend the Westin BullTeez Paddle Tail 24cm version. 

westin swim 12cm 3d colours

5. Westin Swim

The Westin Swim is the easiest glidebait to use on the market! Thanks to its unique body shape, simply cast and work with a straight retrieve to see the famous S-shaped swimming pattern in action. Equally effective when worked with a slow pause and jerk retrieval. Available in floating, suspending and sinking options and features internal rattles for extra attraction. 

The 12cm sinking version is a must-have for any pike angler. 

6. Salmo Slider

The Slider from Salmo was the first European glider and has become a legend in the sport, receiving many awards and rave reviews from fishermen all over the world. 

Thanks to both the unique shape (it’s the most copied by other lure producers) and fantastic, one of a kind action, the Slider casts a spell over predatory fish. However, the Slider's main strength is that there is no wrong way to fish it!

We recommend both the 10cm version & the 12cm version.   

westin ricky the roach 18cm

7. Westin Ricky The Roach

The Ricky The Roach Shad Tail bursts into action as soon as it hits the water. Whether you want a smooth and slow glide through or a faster and more erratic action this lure covers all bases with its tight rolling body action. It looks just like a real roach! In fact, some coarse fisherman would be happy to catch this little guy, so the predators will love to eat them. 

The Ricky The Roach Shad Tail 18cm is our weapon of choice. 


8. Keitech Fat Swing Impact 

Whilst some lures catch the angler, the Keitech Fat Swing Impact is designed to catch fish. Keitech have revolutionised swimbait performance with their two-tone injection process which uses several different types of salted, scent impregnated plastics to achieve perfect balance & action.

The Fat Swing Impact is able to maintain the perfect swimming motion at any speed and its centre rigging line provides the perfect position to ensure the bait is rigged correctly. Another lure that's ideal for weedless presentation.

We suggest the 4.8" variation and the 5.8" variation for targeting pike. 

9. Strike Pro Buster Jerk 

The Strike Pro Buster Jerk 15cm bait is a true classic, popular and proven BIG pike catching jerkbait, finely balanced to deliver a natural suspending presentation.

The Buster Jerk is easily fished with a steady retrieve for a natural side-to-side action, imitating an injured fish but with small jerks and pauses you can add an easy and effective glide along with added flash and attraction to make this lure deadly all season long.


10. Fox Rage Replicant Wobble Ultra UV

Often described as pike candy thanks to both the vibrant UV colours and renowned pike catching abilities.

The latest generation of this iconic lure boasts a range of upgrades that include belly hook rotation system which sees the treble hook turn, helping to protect hook holds when playing fish. The brilliant swimming action remains, with the large paddle tail creating loads of attraction and giving the lure a deep roll on the retrieve.

We recommend the Fox Rage Replicant Wobble Ultra UV 18cm version for targeting pike of all sizes. 

Check out our full range of Pike lures here.

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