Miuras Mouse - 23cm, 95g

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Miuras Mouse - 23cm, 29cm with tail stretched open, 95g

Also now available, the brand NEW Mini Mouse 20cm, 60g!

Miuras Mouse was designed by an Italian lure builder named Maurizio Carini and and has accounted for an large amount of big pike!

The large profile combined with a flat "nose" in the front which pushes a lot of water, and large twin tail enable this unique lure to move a lot of water even at very slow speed. With It's slow sink rate the lure can be fished very shallow with a deliberate pause and suspending action as the natural buck tail moves enticingly, like that of a large pike fly in the water, triggering bites with little to no movement by the angler. To get the lure down to any desired depth, you can easily attach a Fastach sinker to the nose. A must-have lure for all serious pike or musky anglers! Replace those damaged tails, or customize your lures with your own colour combinations with the Miuras Spare Tails now in stock! For more colour variations and to reduce the overall weight of the lure, try the 8 Inch, Molix Twin Tail or Grub as a replacement tail for only £1.99! 

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