Z-man Micro TRD - 1.75 Inch

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Z-man MicroTRD, 1.75" 4.4cm, 1g - Qty 8

The NEW Z-Man Micro TRD 1.75"  is small scaled down version of the famous Z-Man Finesse TRD 2.75" and is small enough to be effortlessly inhaled by perch, trout, zander and all other species of fish. It features the proven TRD stick bait profile in a size just under 4.5 cm . The 10X Tough ElaZtech composition means the Micro TRD will withstand dozens of attacks and catches per bait. The extra soft, buoyant material rises off the bottom when resting, ensuring the Micro TRD is constantly attracting attention. Pairs perfectly with Z-Man Micro Finesse ShroomZ jig heads. Pairs perfectly with the Z-Man Micro Finsees ShroomZ Ned Jig Head.


  • Super-strong ElaZtech baits are 10x more durable than ordinary soft plastics.
  • ElaZtech baits are naturally buoyant and will float when rigged unweighted. 
  • The flexibility of ElaZtech assures life-like action that mimics natural bait.
  • ElaZtech is non-toxic and contains no PVC, Plastisol or Phtalates.
  • CAUTION: ElaZtech cannot be stored with any other kind of plastic baits. Please store them in the original bag or in a separate tackle box, we recommend the Flambeau K Series "Z Man Resistant box.

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