YGK Nitlon DFC Fluorocarbon 100m

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YGK Nitlon DFC Fluorocarbon N650 - 100m

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"YGK is great stuff! I previously used Seagar, but the spools always broke. This line is just as good or better and I absolutely love how the spool becomes a dispenser and does not break easilly, great stuff".

Steve Lawe on Jan 07, 2022

The YGK Nitlon DFC is a super durable abrasion resistant, 100% Fluoro, primarily suitable as a leader material in lure fishing. Whilst being durable, it has a softness to it that enables it go glide through the rings of your rod easier than similar fluorocarbons. Comes in a very handy and solid case "dispenser". Made in Japan. Welcome Back DFC, we've missed you!!

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