Westin W6 8 Strand Braid Lime Punch - 150 Yards

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Westin W6 8 Strand Braid Lime Punch - 150 Yards, 135 Metres

The brand new W6 Braid from Westin achieves the perfect compliment of attributes in a braided line, the kind of alchemy that requires repeated refinement and testing to produce the finished article. W6 Braided line has been developed using a unique construction process for all-round lure fishing. We have utilised premium grade Japanese UHMPE (Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene) fibres in the construction of W6 Braid because of its incredible performance and strength. To achieve higher abrasion resistance and greater strength W6 braid is constructed using a weave specially developed for this line that we call “Advanced High PIC”. This 8X (eight braid carriers) braided line has a 36 PIC construction (weaves per inch) that gives a stronger line for its diameter. In addition, the tighter weave of “Advanced High PIC” gives a smoother surface for longer, more accurate, casts. Casting performance is further enhanced by a Dura-Coating gel process that gives the braid a smoother, hydrophobic surface, reducing water absorption and lowering friction. To achieve colour stability, W6 Braid is soaked in dye tanks before being oven cured to ‘bake-in’ the pigment and finally sealed by a dura-coat for improved longevity.


  • Designed as an all-round 8X braided line for lure fishing
  • Premium Japanese UHMPE fibres
  • Round profile
  • “Advanced High PIC” line construction, with 36 weaves per inch, gives higher abrasion resistance, a smoother surface, and greater strength
  • Dura-Coating technology for excellent water repellence, a smoother surface, and lower friction, for longer, more accurate casting.
  • Supreme colour retention

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