Westin W4 2nd Generation Vertical Jigging Spinning Rod - 14-28g

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Westin W4 2nd Generation Vertical Jigging Spinning Rod 14-28g Medium 6'2", 185cm - 1 + 1 Piece

The brand new and improved W4 2nd Generation rods offer super sensitivity at an affordable price in the new soft case. If you are into vertical fishing for pike and zander the W4 Vertical Jigging-T 2nd generation rods are for you. The Torayca® High Performance Carbon fibres give a superior action that enables you to feel every delicate take, no matter how far down your soft lure is. The brilliant detachable handle design makes transportation easier, and yet when you use it, you will swear that this is a one-piece rod.

These rods are powerful enough to scrap with the meanest zander and pike, yet as sensitive as a kitten's whiskers when there is a nibble in the offing.


  • Custom designed hook keeper
  • Reel Seat: Fuji® SKTS
  • Guides: SeaGuide® LS-XQ Ring Guides
  • Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon
  • Handle: UltraGrip – High Quality EVA
  • Custom made rubber non-slip bottom cap
  • Reinforced with 1k woven carbon

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