Westin ShadTeez Hollow 8cm

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Westin Shad Teez Hollow 8cm, 4g - Qty 1  

We have combined the shape of the legendary ShadTeez and ShadTeez Slim to create the Shad Teez Hollow. Look carefully and you will notice that this is no ordinary lure. The large air chamber, combined with the holes in the flanks, creates a lure that folds easily - giving a much higher hook-up ratio than a solid-bodied lure. Perch and zander anglers will especially appreciate how easily it folds, getting the lure in the perfect position in the mouth. You will hook more fish than the guy next to you, that’s for sure. The holes in the sides of the lure also allow water to flow through the body, creating a new dimension of fish-attracting turbulence for the first time in a ShadTeez. Want to rig this lure weedless? No problem. With hook slots in the back and belly you can hide the hook, and fish this lure through dense cover, yet as soon as a fish bites down it’s game-on! The solid head of the lure gives a firm grip point for your hook, keeping it in the optimal position for more hook-ups, cast after cast. Fish the ShadTeez Hollow on a normal jighead, or a dropshot. On a Ned Head the lure comes to rest at the perfect angle on the bottom, imitating a feeding bait fish. Fish the ShadTeez Hollow fast or slow, the lure will track perfectly no matter the speed. Want to go really slow? With its slim tail, paired with the soft and optimised body design, this lure will keep swimming with just the slowest of retrieves.

Shad Teez Hollow - The game is about to change!


  • Free from toxic phthalates
  • Realistic eyes
  • Easy action tail
  • Seductive wriggling action – even at low speed
  • Slots in back and belly for offset rigging
  • Holes in flanks for extra turbulence and easy folding
  • Hollow body gives an improved hook-up ratio


    Perfect fished on a Round Up Jig Head. For a weedless presentation, try it on the Keitech Mono Round Jig Head

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