Westin Ring Craw 9cm

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Westin Ring Craw 9cm, 6g - Qty 5

What our customers are saying:

"Fantastic lure with great action, it's already accounted for some big perch for myself, looking forward to throwing it in winter for those big stripes!" - Drew on Sep 23, 2020

The RingCraw combines a fantastic action with great water displacement, enticing crawfish profile, and anise scent attractant. Jig it or rig it and hold on tight! You'll have the bass, perch and other crawfish loving predators fighting over this bait. Infused with a tasty dose of salt in the belly that causes fish to bite and not let go, but also gives the bait a balanced swimming action. The RingCraw features a stocky deep-ribbed body and double curltails with paddle tips for consistent, subtle action even at very slow speeds, and open ribs on the back for streamlined rigging. Westin’s level of detail is unmatched in this bait. The profile and action will attract plenty of attention, even in heavy cover.

  • Free from toxic phthalates
  • Anise scent
  • Salt-infused belly for stable action
  • Double curltails with paddle tips, perfect action at all speeds
  • Hook slot in the back
  • Great hook-up ratio

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