Westin Pro Stinger Single 1 x 7



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Westin Pro Stinger 1 x 7 Single - Qty 2

Ideal rig for those medium to large soft plastic swimbaits. Attach to your Jig Head, or Screwin Jig with the split ring supplied to give you a far greater hook up ratio than the standard jig head setup. Superbly built with quality AFW trace and super sharp Mustad treble hooks. 

With the spike in the belly, it enables the stinger rig to pull away form the lure upon hooking up with a big esox or any other large predator, which reduces the fishes ability to rely on the weight of the lure to shake the hook and protects your valuable soft lures from those razor sharp teeth. Use the Double Stinger for larger swimbaits.

  • 2 stingers per pack
  • AFW 1 x 7 strand wire
  • Silicone sleeved crimped

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