Westin DropBite Semi Soft Body Spin Tail - 17g

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Westin DropBite Semi Soft Body Spin Tail 3.4cm 17g - Qty 1

This brand new version of the popular DropBite from, Westin incorporates a new production process with an internal zinc core encapsulated in a semi-soft body. This new DropBite can be fished at slower speeds, making it ideal for shallower water. Use it in depths from 1m, all the way to the depths on a steady slow to medium speed retrieve. The translucent moulded body enables three-dimensional colours to be incorporated giving a more realistic, detailed design that takes the Spin Tail’s attraction to the next level. The custom-made Colorado blade is fixed directly into the metallic body, amplifying the fish-attracting vibrations and creating a seductive wobble in the body that attracts predators from far and wide. This extremely detailed lure can be fished in several ways and works great in all types of water, including deeper lakes, rivers, and from the shore or boat.


  • Hand painted detailed colours
  • Semi-Soft body - Free from toxic phthalates
  • Ultra sharp and strong carbon steel hook
  • Custom-made Westin Colorado blade
  • Integrated ball bearing swivel
  • Active Eyes
  • Tight and erratic swimming action
  • Compact and long casting design
  • Lead Free


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