Westin BullTeez Paddle Tail - 18cm

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Westin BullTeez Paddle Tail 18cm, 53g - Qty 1

If you are after big fish, then the Bull Teez is the ultimate choice for big predators like pike and zander. The shad tail in combination with a slender wrist creates a seducing wriggling and belly-flashing action, even with a slow retrieve. This wriggling movement attracts and fools the really big fish to attack the lure. Bull Teez can easily be fished with shallow rigs or right down in the depths with a regular jig head. For weedless presentation with a big offset hook we have equipped the Bull Teez with slots on belly and back. Perfect for fishing into the reeds! No clue what Radoslaw is saying, but I like the action! :-)  

  • Realistic Eyes
  • Easy action paddle tail
  • Seducing wriggling and belly-flashing action – even at low speed
  • Slots in back and belly for offset rigging
  • Hand painted detailed colours

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