Westin Add-It Tungsten Bullet Weights

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Westin Add-It Tungsten Bullet Weights

These are superb quality weights from Westin, specifically made for Texas or Carolina Rigging. The plastic insert in the weight helps it slide easilly without causing any damage to your leader or mainline, keeping it strong preventing loss of lures and fish.

Clearly printed weight for quick easy selection.

Concave back to accommodate the head of a lure or bead. Due to the density of tungsten, these weights are approx 30% smaller than the lead equivalent, enabling less resistance in the water so you can reduce the weight and hold bottom

The density/hardness also enables the angler to really feel the bottom through the line, specifically braid, detecting whether it be rocky, muddy etc. The knocking on the glass bead is also accentuated by the hardness, creating more sound to attract weary fish. 

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