Westin Add-It Jointed Stinger Heavy Duty Single

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Westin Add-It Jointed Stinger Heavy Duty Single - Qty 2

The new Add-It Jointed Stingers from Westin are made with two things in mind; flexibility and durability. These heavy duty versions of the Add-It Joined Stinger feature larger and stronger swivels, made for the most extreme predator anglers. The Jointed Stingers can be mounted on a wide range of soft lures, with shallow-screws, screw-in heads and normal jigheads, and are essential when targeting toothy predators like pike, muskie, and zander. The joints enable a free 360°-degree rotation, which provides an improved landing rate. Using swivels instead of wire increases the weight in the rig, helping to stabilize, providing a keel to your lure giving it the perfect swimming action.

  • Extremely strong and durable concept
  • 360° free rotation - Lose less fish
  • Versatile rigging options
  • Ultra-sharp and strong treble hooks
  • Tournament grade stinger

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