The Lure Box Tungsten Bullet Weights

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The Lure Box Tungsten Bullet Weights  - Qty 2 - 3

The Lure Box Bullet Weights are an important component of the Texas and Carolina rig. When fishing the Texas and Carolina rig, the weight is not only used for getting the lure to the bottom of the lake bed, it also acts as a transmitter to establish the composition i.e. weed, silt or rock and the contour of the area you are fishing. Pair with a Westin Plastic Bead to prevent the knot catching in the weight and add a clicking noise to attract wery predators. 

Made from 97% tungsten which is better for the environment than lead and is 30% denser, making these weight smaller for like for like weight. The hardness of the material also transmits ery well through your line, enabling you to feel the bottom to establish if you are fishing over a hard or soft bed. 


  • Sold in a fully biodegradable glassine envelope
  • Precision engineered with plastic insert to protect leade and slide easilly
  • 97% Tungsten
  • Smooth silver finish


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