Sunline V-Hard Fluorocarbon Leader - 50m

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Sunline V-Hard Fluorocarbon Leader - 50m

What our customers are saying:


"For years Sunline Siglon has been my go to FC for leader material up to 20lb, and has never let me down. I think the only change in the last ten years has been packaging.
A couple of months ago I had the chance to try the new V hard, well my tried and trusty Siglon has taken second place. Yes it's not cheap but the best never is. Loving the 50m spools and nice touches like a quality retaining band, no more elastic bands for me..." - Gary Palmer on Mar 20, 2021

This new Fluorocarbon from Sunline has superior knot strength and abrasion resistance with an increase of up to 30% over other Fluorocarbon leaders, this is achieved while still maintaining good suppleness. Triple Resin Processing gives this 100% fluorocarbon leader a Very hard finish helping to resist abrasion and increase knot strength. V Hard is Sunline’s No.1 Fluorocarbon leader and comes in spools of 50m.

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