Strike Pro Pig Shad Jr 20cm

Strike Pro



Strike Pro Pig Shad Jr 20cm, 50g - Qty 2 

Pig Shad is a soft-plastic shad inspired by the classic jerkbait The Pig. Pig Shad has a seductive rolling action while the head is rocking from side to side. The tail paddles and twists in a low frequent rate. A perfect imitation of a injured baitfish that slowly trudge forward with its last strength!

Pig Shad has a unique profile that resembles a fat baitfish. It's excellent to use with jigheads, or with a shallow screw and stinger rig, when the incredible rolling action of this lure really comes to show. Rig on the Small BFT Stinger Rig or 9/0 Trokar Magnum for weedless fishing. 

Go smaller with the 15cm Pig Shad Jr or the 10cm Piglet Shad! 

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