SPRO Iris Pop Eye - 10cm

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SPRO Iris Pop Eye 10cm, 7g - Qty 1

The "eye catching" SPRO Iris Pop Eye Shad is a great all round lure if you're looking to catch perch, pike, zander, bass, trout and pretty much anything that eats little fish! This lure, with the trademark large eye of all the "Iris" range was developed as the ultimate all-round softbait for fresh and saltwater predator fishing.  The round, tapered body has a very thin "wrist" with a small subtle paddle tail on the end, which gives it the Pop-Eye minimum resistance under water whilst maintaining the unique and delicate rolling action of the lure. This design makes it suitable for super slow retrieve on a weedless Decoy Makisasu 3/0, just below the surface to speed jigging at depth with heavier SPRO Gamakatsu Jigheads, 3/0 - 4/0. The slim profile and soft plastic enables the lure to fold easily, allowing fish to inhale the lure and increase hook up rates. Fully charged with UV activators to boost it’s catching performance.

Mixed pack will contain all 5 colours, plus 1 x Free, duplicated colour selected at random! 

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