SPRO Freestyle Flick Net




SPRO Freestyle Flick Net

The awesome new Spro Freestyle landing nets come in a few options to suit every angler of smaller fish such as perch, trout etc. The fixed length options are ideal when space is limited. The fixed length options are 1.05m or 1.55m total length, giving you plenty of reach to net your fish safely.  The net/blocks are made from aluminium and come standard with a high quality 12mm rubberized mesh and rubber grip.  The Flick Net can also be securely fastened to your belt or accessories with the included clip. The main feature of the Flick Net is the block design which will allow you to simply flick the net from the closed position and the mechanism will lock in place securely. The perfect landing net for the roving angler

  • Transport length - M 57cm, L 86cm
  • Length - M 1.05m, L 1.55cm
  • Dimensions of net - M 50 x 40 x 30cm, L 70 x 50 x 50cm



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