HTO Single Inline Replacement Hooks

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With conservation foremost in most lure anglers’ minds and the rapid rise of anglers practising catch and release, the use of single hooks instead of trebles on lures is becoming commonplace. These Inline Single hooks from HTO are a lightweight, strong hook that can replace treble hooks on all hard lures. The hooks feature a larger eye so they can be attached directly to the split rings on most lures, making conversion easy. An extended barb and beak point ensure that hook-ups are still positive, and the chance of lost fish is reduced. The beaked point also reacts better when bouncing off rocks, helping to protect the point to retain its needle sharp edge. Using Inline Singles is much kinder to fish, making it easier and safer to unhook a catch for a quick photo and release, also safer for the angler and their fishing buddies. The barb can easily be crushed to make it barbless and less damaging to fish.

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