Shimano Stream Flat Floating Jerk/Crankbait - 6.5cm

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Shimano Stream Flat Floating Jerk/Crankbait 65mm, 9.2g

The Shimano Cardiff Stream Flat is a sinking trout lure that features Scale Boost for a natural prey fish profile, combined with a distinctive wide blade that bites into the water creating a quick start up and erratic action with the minimum of effort. Sinking wobbler designed for trout fishing in streams and rivers. Scale Boost technology for life like visual presentation in clear water. Equipped with a razor sharp treble on the front and single inline hook on the back. Extremely stable, even in strong turbulent current.

If you like fishing for trout in streams and rivers, the Cardiff Stream Flat will be a great addition to your lure collection. Its pronounced action is almost instantaneous, enabling you to search out small holding spots where space is tight. On more open water, the ‘Stream Flat’ can be made to twitch, glide and dart by using a series of different rod movements, whilst always retaining its stability, even in fast flows, ready for your next move. For clear waters, where trout are sight feeding, the Scale Boost finish creates a like-like prey fishing representation to entice even the most wary specimens.

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