Shimano Stradic FL



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Shimano Stradic FL

The Shimano Stradic is already highly regarded, household name in the world of spinning reels, used and appreciated worldwide by many top anglers. I defy you to find an angler who uses Shimano who does not know about the reputation that precedes this amazing front drag spinning reel from the company at the forefront of reel design and manufacture, Shimano! Like all it's predecessors who have gone before it, the brand new Stradic FL represents the same amazing build quality, slick appearance and value for money that we have come to expect over the decades of the Stradic's existence. 

Some Key Features:

  • 1000 - 185g, Ratio - 5,1:1 or 6,0:1 for HG models. Capacity 0.18mm -170m line 
  • 2500 - 220g, Ratio - 5,3:1 or 6,0:1 for HG models. Capacity 0.20mm-240m
  • 3000 - 225g, Ratio - 5,3:1 or 6,0:1 for HG models. Capacity 0.25mm-210m
  • 4000 - 260g, Ratio - 5,3:1 or 5,8:1 for HG models & 6,2:1 for XG. Capacity 0.30MM - 180M line capacity
  • X Ship increased cranking power
  • Silent drive and exquisitely smooth and quiet rotation
  • Waterproof drag system
  • Carbon cross washer
  • X Protect waterproof protection
  • 6 +1 bearings

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