Shimano Bantam Rattlin' Sur-Vibe Lipless Crank - 62mm

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Shimano Bantam Rattlin' Sur-Vibe Lipless Crank 6.2cm, 14g - Qty 1

Hooks Included.

The Shimano Bantam Rattlin Sur-Vibe is a lipless crank with a unique square design body, giving a different swimming action to conventional lipless crankbaits. Designed for lift-and-fall for a special ‘shimmy falling action’, but equally efficient on a steady retrieve or being trolled. On the bottom it will keep stand up as a result of the squared head and more buoyant part of the body, small twitches of the rod tip will get this lure springing into life with a tight noisy rattling and vibrating action. Take a look at the awesome action in the video below:

  • Slim square body shape with a fast vibrating action.
  • Loud rattle sound when moving
  • Can be worked with a steady retrieve or life and fall technique
  • Head down design and buoyant tail works well on the bottom
  • Sinking for fishing variable depths
  • Rattles

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