Shimano Bantam Macbeth Floating Crankbait - 6.3cm

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Shimano Bantam Macbeth Floating Crankbait 63mm, 16g Dive Depth 0-1.5m - Qty 1

Also Available in the smaller 5cm Bantam Macbeth.

The Shimano Bantam Macbeth 63mm is an excellent crank for many species of predatory fish, including Perch, Bass, Chub and pike. The low centre of gravity helps the lure swim head down, reducing snagging. Perfect for shallow water fishing and searching the flats and above weeds where predators wait in ambush position! 

Take a look at the 50mm in action below:

Hooks Included!

The large square bill with rounded corners gives the lure an aggressive, wide kicking and rolling ‘head-down’ action, with it's lower centre of gravity reducing snagging. Works with constant retrieve, stop/start and even twitching on the surface like a struggling fish or creature of sorts! 

As we approach Spring, this lure is bound to work it's magic in the shallow water, for chub for sure, but any predator around is bound to take a liking to this tight wiggling little ball of dynamite! 

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