Savage Gear Gravity Stick Pulsetail - 14cm

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Savage Gear Gravity Stick Pulsetail 14cm, 15g - Qty 6

The Gravity Stick is a slim-profile, long-casting soft lure with a high specific gravity towards the tail end, with the addition of a pre made hole and included nail weights for extra distance and faster sink rate. These lures also have a slot to insert a glass rattle, also included in the pack. The Pulsetail has a thick meaty tail that gives it a natural action and a "pulse" that the fish can feel through the water via their lateral line. For a more subtle but natural swimming action, try the Gravity Stick Paddletail, if you want a more subtle darting lure then the Gravity Stick Pintail is the one for you, so you'll have a lure to suite the conditions between these 3 models. Even better, just grab the whole lot, hooks, weights and rattles in the handy Gravity Stick 47 Piece Mixed Pack.

Let legendary salt water angler, Henry Gilbey talk you through these cool lures:

Add Glass Rattles for added noise and attraction.

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