Savage Gear Floating Ned Minnow - 7.5cm

Colour: Electric Shad
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Savage Gear Floating Ned Minnow 7.5cm, 4.5g - Qty 5

The Ned Minnow, new from Savage Gear is the profile of a minnow that makes it a multi-tool weapon for the tournament angler and the weekend angler alike. Fish it Ned style to imitate stunned baitfish during a shad die-off or drag it across the bottom to imitate unsuspecting, feeding baitfish. In addition, its cupped-face design makes this little lure deadly effective as a swimbait, for cast and retrieve or vertical fishing with a round ball jig.

Watch it in action on the bottom:

The Savage Gear Ned Minnow has to be the most realistic minnow-imitation Ned bait on the market. Soft plastic Duratech infused with scent to provoke feeding, and salt to fine tune the Minnow's buoyancy, the Minnow delivers extremely lifelike and subtle swimming action for finesse presentations.

Check out the whole Ned range in this video from the USA: 


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