Savage Gear Cicada - 3.3cm

Colour: Black
Sale price$12.00


Savage Gear Cicada 3.3cm, 3.5g - Qty 1

The Savage Gear Cicada is the perfect top water lure for chub, perch, pike, bass and any other predator that likes to smash baits on the surface. Based on a 3D Scan of a Real Cicada, this lifelike lure boasts superb details and a realistic profile. The lure walks across the surface on retrieve in a "crazy crawler" style, like a real bug in distress, sending out vibration and wakes to any hungry predators in lying in wait to ambush. Unlike some similar lures, the "wings" that create the crazy crawling action are soft, so won't get bent out of shape, ensuring a consistent action on the lure as it walks across the top. 

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