Rozemeijer T.C. Carryall 4TT

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Rozemeijer T.C. Carryall 4TT

The Rozemeijer T.C. Hardbase Carryall 4TT brings luxury and functionality together for the discerning angler. This bag, with its robust, reinforced bottom, is always stable, even on uneven or muddy surfaces. The design ensures that the bag does not fall over and provides extra protection against moisture and dirt. Thanks to the easily washable material, your equipment will stay clean and dry, regardless of the weather conditions.

The unique mesh structure on the sides of the bag provides excellent ventilation, so moisture evaporates quickly and your belongings stay dry. This innovative design prevents the bag from staying damp for long periods of time, ideal for storing both wet and dry fishing tackle.

Designed to fit Tackle Tainer combinations as follows: 1 x S36 & 3 x S24 and/or S48 or 1 x S36, 1 x D12 and/or D15 & 1 x S24 and/or S48

All bags from the Tackle Concept are delivered WITHOUT Tackle Tainers or accessories!

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