Rozemeijer Comfort Floating Rubberised Landing Net 70 x 60cm

Sale price£49.99


Rozemeijer Comfort Floating Rubberised Landing - Net 70 x 60cm, Handle 100cm

As the name says, this net is fitted with a "comfortable handle", which fits snugly under your forearm enabling the angler to easily and "comfortably" net those monster fish with one hand whilst playing it with the other.

Look at the handle, Rozemeijer have set up an ‘easy lift’ that comes under your elbow when you want to scoop the fish. This will cost you less power and if you unexpectedly let go of your net, do not worry, this net floats completely. Provided with a rubber coated net, to reduce the chance of hook points do not get caught in the net whilst ensuring better fish welfare. The handle extends easily when the net is employed with an easy to press button to slip back into a compact position without having to struggle to press the little silver button that can be hard on your cold fingers. 


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