Partrige Fly Leader And Trace Wire - 30lb

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Partrige Fly Leader And Trace Wire 30lb - Approx 100cm wire, 130cm monofilament

This Partridge pre tied 30lb trace wire and 30lb monofilament fly leader is perfect for pike fishing on the fly or with lures. Made with pre-tied mono and AFW trace, it offers durable and reliable strength for the toughest catches. Simply loop the pre tied perfection loop to your mainline and tie on the snap provided or a snap of your choice with a 3 turn Uni knot as in the video below and go fishing. As monofilament does not sink like fluorocarbon, these leaders are ideal for surface flies, although also good for sub surface. Total length 7 ft 5in. 

Partridge of Reddich has been an innovator and technology leader inn manufacture for over a century and their quality is world renowned. Stay ahead of the game with Partridge fly leaders. 

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