Nays Baits Predator (PRDTR) Lures - 3.5 Inches

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Nays Baits Predator Lures, 8.5cm 3.5 Inches, 6g - Qty 9

What our customers are saying:


"A skinny shad with a fast tempo tail action. The skinny profile allows this shad to be easily rigged on weedless hooks. I think these lures are going to be very useful in the summer when there is a lot of weeds around and a weedless presentation is a must! The tail action will draw fish from a long way away." - David Jacobs on Mar 08, 2020

This brand new and unique little paddle tail lure has taken the European market by storm since airing in the popular Kanalgratis' PERCH PRO 6 on YouTube, where it first featured, fished by Nays Baits founder and WPC Champion, Dustin Schöne, alongside Kanalgratis' very own, Tobias Ekvall. Nays Predator has proven itself as a high-end Perch, Zander and even Pike catching soft lure.

It's unique ribs across the body and infused garlic scent and vibrant colours really make this lure stand out from the crowd, not just to fishermen, but to FISH!! Get your here now! 

Best fished on a size 4/0 Jig Head. The slit in the back makes the PRDTR a great lures, not only for easy rigging, but for weedless fishing on  on a  2/0 Makisasu Weighted Hook, or even try it as a trailer on one of our many Skirted Jigs


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