Nays MD MX Jerkbaits Shallow Runner Suspending - 8cm

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Nays MD MX Jerkbaits Shallow Runner Suspending 8cm, 5.8g - Diving Depth 0.1-0.5m

The MD MX from Nays is a suspending jerkbait which has been designed, crafted and tested with the highest standards to fulfil the expectations of ambitious anglers. 

Steady retrieved it has a slight action but on every twitch with the rod this jerkbait responses with a unique darting action that even lethargic predators cannot resist. The MD MX is engineered with a magnetic weight transfer system, which keeps it perfectly in balance during the retrieve and enables extremely long and accurate casts. It is available in two sizes, nine brilliant colour schemes and two running depths, so that there is always a perfect fitting MD MX for every situation This lure was designed completely lead free and with only using premium components like the razor sharp, Super Slide coated BKK Spear 21-SS hooks which enables a perfect hook setting. The MD MX is another deadly addition to the line-up of Nays.

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