Monkey Lures Fat Lui 14cm

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Monkey Lures Fat Lui  14cm, 5.5” 18.6g - Qty 1

The Fat Lui 14cm was specifically developed for pike fishing. The deep body with the 90 degree angled paddle tail produces an extremely realistic swimming and rolling action that drives hungry predators crazy. Made from an extremely soft material, the King Lui will swim enticingly at a very slow retrieve and on the drop with light weight. The famous Monkey Lures Big X eye provides a target at the head for hungry pike, zander, bass and other predatory fish. If you would like to scale up a little to target those bigger fish, or just prefer throwing larger lures, check out the 18cm Fat Lui.

The King Lui is best rigged on a 6-7/0 standard jig head, or 8cm shallow screw in rig.

"The Fat Lui is the first “real softbait for pike fishing from Monkey Lures. The difference different to other conventional softbaits is the extremely realistic swim-action, which includes the head area of the bait giving it a it unique action. Also highly effective for pelagic fishing.


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