Monkey Lures Curly Lui 7.5cm

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Monkey Lures Curly Lui  7.5cm, 3” 3g - Qty 6

The combination of a classic softbait and a twister/curly tail. The paddle tail at the end of the tail gives Curly Lui a unique movement, setting it apart from conventional curly tailed lures. The indentation in combination with the extreme soft material makes it easy for the predator to inhale the bait. The soft material enables anglers to fish the Curly Lui with really light weight whilst giving the tail tantalising movement. The Monkey Lures Big X eye provides a target at the head for hungry perch, pike zander and other predatory fish. Seafood flavour infused with salt added for extra attraction and casting weight.

The perfect lure for fishing on a Texas or Carolina rig, providing extreme movement on a slow retrieve. 

“The special characteristic is the combination of features of a classic paddle tail and a twister. Its the perfect addition to the King Lui, with an other movement in the water. We received good feedback especially from water with high fishing pressure



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