Molix Sator Worm 4"




Molix Sator Worm 4", 10cm - Qty 10

This super cool straight worm plastic lure from Molix was developed according to a new concept in design creating superb mobility and a body enriched with fine details. The combination of technical improvements and the "bubble" of air within the cylindrical tail create a suspending effect and an very natural natural swimming action. The 4“ is a great all round lure for many finesse techniques and deeper water fishing with a little more weight, particularly on a Drop Shot. A great lure for the Urban or Street Fisherman, not just for perch, but trout, bass and zander and even pike will love this lures, as well as  wrasse, pollock, and many other salt and fresh water predator species. 

Have a look at the Sator Worm in action below:

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