Megabass Fuwabug 2.5 Inch

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Megabass Fuwabug 2.5" 6.3cm, 6.3g - Qty 5

The FUWABUG is the perfect imitation of a predator of small rock fish, crayfish or small crab, with a hollow body and oversized claws that cause a strong push of water as soon as it is set in motion. Made with a resistant material to improve its longevity and reproduce as much as possible the texture of a crustacean, its hollow and tender body allows better crushing during the attack. This capacity offers the advantage of limiting stalls and allowing the fish to keep the lure longer in the mouth in order to increase the hooking time. Its "U" shaped legs, as well as its numerous grooves, allow the Fuwabug to generate natural and subtle movements by vibrating very gently, even with a light current or when standing still during moments of pauses. The Fuwabug is constantly in motion as soon as it touches the water, but it is on the descent that it shows all its ability to wiggle to stimulate the predatory instincts of the most curious fish. The Fuwabug is available in 3 sizes to cope with all kinds of situations. It can be used in different ways, including LRF (Light Rock Fishing) or equipped with a Texas hook to fish along rocky shores in search of predators feeding on this type of prey.


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