Major Craft Ceana Pencil - 9cm

Colour: Bora
Sale price$13.00


Major Craft Ceana Pencil 90mm, 13g - Qty 1

The Ceana Pencil from Major Craft is a stickbait, surface walk the dog style lure available in two sizes that will allow you to cover a maximum of different types of fishing and species, both at sea and in fresh water. Very easy to impart an enticing walk the dog action. The Ceana will quickly become a go to lure for your surface fishing for saltwater species such as bass, but also in fresh water for perch pike and other predatory species that hunt on the surface. The Ceana Pencil sits horizontally on the pause.

If you have never tried surface fishing, you're missing all the fun. It can not only be great fun, prompting heart stopping takes, but can also out fish other techniques when the fish are on the feed, as it makes a commotion on the surface drawing in predators from a greater distance than any other method. Try It, you won't regret it! 


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