Lurefans Veilmako V8 Popper - 8cm




Lurefans Veilmako Floating Popper 8cm, 12g - Qty 1

This unique little top water lure from Lurefans has a Titanium Shark Fin underneath to to give the lure a bit of a rudder and allow it to track when walking the dog. The feathers on the back hook add attraction, but also enable fish to inhale the lure/hooks more easily, so guaranteeing more hook ups, particularly when they are "short biting"/not very aggressive. 

Recently featured on the Kanalgratis show, Perch Pro, this lure is sure to be a big hit amongst those top water anglers, for perch, pike bass etc. Comes equipped with 2 of the amazingly sharp BKK Treble Hooks







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