Lurefans Doublekill 5cm - DK5




Lurefans Doublekill DK5, 5cm - Qty 1

Brand new to the UK from Lurefans is the awesome and unique DoubleKill 5 lipless crankbait with two different attachment points on the back to quickly and easily change the balance and action of the lure. This awesome lure, featured on the Kanalgratis, Perch Pro series is a guaranteed fish catcher. It can be fished at a variety of speeds making it a very versatile search bait! Equipped with the sharpest hooks we've ever discovered in the BKK Hook the big brother of the smaller DK4.

With it's powerful vibrating movement and built-in rattling chambers, this bait will call fish from a distance other lures just can't achieve! All Lurefans lures are tank tested and equipped with syllable BKK hooks from the start.

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