Keitech Tungsten Football "Shaky" Head - 2/0

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Keitech Tungsten Football "Shaky" Head,  2/0 - Qty 3

The Tungsten Football Shaky Jig Head  from KEITECH are compact Tungsten Football jig heads with a plastic screw lure keeper, which ensures the lure stays put and creates a weedless jig. The soft plastic of your choice can simply be screwed onto the lure keeper, so that even soft, salted rubber worms hold very well. Shaky Head Jigs are perfect for slim lures like the Keitech 3.8" Sexy Impact, 3" Live Impact 3-3.5" Easy Shiner and the 3.5 Reins Bubbling Shaker.

  • Needle Sharp Japanese Daiichi Jig Hook
  • Colour: Black Nickel
  • Size: Approx 3.9 cm Length x 1.37 cm Width/Gap
  • Thin Wire Gauge, Approx. 0.98 mm

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