Keitech Shad Impact - 2 inch

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Keitech Shad Impact 2 inch, 5cm - Qty 12

 The squid scent impregnated Keitech 2" Shad Impact was designed to produce a shad bait which maintains a horizontal swimming posture. This required several different type of plastics to be combined into one bait. Thanks to the Keitech original custom two tone injection process, it is now possible. The top section of the bait is produced with a no salt light weight plastic; the bottom is a heavier salted plastic. This combination provided the balance necessary to achieve the goal. These versatile lures can be fished weightless on a swimbait hook, work great on a jig, Texas or Carolina-rig but really come into their own on the dropshot, with the finely tapered tail tantalising the most stubborn of fish out to feed! Many professional anglers have had remarkable results rigging the shad impact upside down on the larger size super round and fishing it shaky style.

  • Horizontal swimming action
  • Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
  • Specific plastics for better balance and action
  • Strong Squid Scent

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